Nourishing Superfoods
for Children

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My most popular talk is back!

This eye-opening talk will help you identify the important nutrients missing from our modern diet which are absolutely CRITICAL to normal, healthy development in children - as well as fertility,  preconception, postpartum and of course for all adults as well!
We’ll explore:
  • The richest food sources of these missing nutrients and easy ways to include them in everyday life.
  • How deficiencies of these nutrients are contributing to an epidemic of tooth decay, allergies, eczema, behavioural and sleep disorders, learning difficulties and more, in our children.
  • The importance of sourcing quality and the most valuable attributes to look for. An ‘organic’ label isn't much of a guide anymore - there are actually far better ways to determine quality.. I’ll give you some great tips to help you identify the best foods in your area.
  • How to get more nutritional bang for your buck. It’s possible to drastically reduce your food bill whilst maintaining an exceptionally nutrient dense diet. The most nutrient dense food groups are NOT expensive if you learn clever ways to source, prepare and incorporate them - in fact, they're often some of the cheapest foods on offer!
  • How to make the nose-to-tail approach work in a busy family setting, including overcoming squeamishness or aversions. And of course, why you'd want to, in the first place!
  • Learning which are the most nourishing types of seafood and also which types are worth avoiding.


Come and enjoy a relaxed, interactive session in the gorgeous Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre, with extended Q&A at the end. (My policy: I'll stay and chat until the questions stop coming!) We also have some exciting prizes to raffle off for this event, so bring some pocket money - for a very good cause.

Due to COVID restricitions, spots are strictly limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Please note: this talk will be helpful for open-minded vegetarians, however in the interest of full transparency, isn't suitable for vegans.

"I love the wealth of knowledge you’ve shared. It’s not just what you’ve read or learned in a course, but all of that and your own – sometimes painfully learned – personal experiences too."


"I think the main difference is that I feel relaxed around food. You’ve brought home the most important truths and I feel like they’re so ingrained now that I’m not second guessing myself. The way I eat has become a lot more intuitive and confident."


"Fantastic, just love it. Thank you so much Georgia for sharing what you’ve learnt. This is filling in all those missing pieces!"


"Georgia’s style of teaching is interactive, informative, fun and never boring!"


"You pay respect to traditional food wisdom and have helped me regain my faith in real food."

About Georgia

I'm a clinically trained Nutritionist, wholefoods chef and ex-baby whisperer who has worked with many hundreds of families in the areas of sleep, diet and behaviour.

More importantly, I'm a busy Mum, so I understand the juggle and struggle that is (successfully) feeding young children nutrient dense foods! Rest assured, I'm brimming with helpful ideas for you.

This is my most popular talk and most likely my last one until 2021. Hope to see you there!


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