Short-cuts & support as you master the art of bulk buying

A 6 week membership: starts Sunday Oct 30th


First rule of lamb club?

This is NOT about lamb! This is about having your hand held and all your little questions answered as you adjust to the empowering, life-changing practice of bulk buying superior quality meat.

I’ve been shopping this way and teaching others for many years and am responsible for converting even the most resistant, non-cooking skeptics – even single folk who’ve assumed that because they live alone, buying a whole (or half) lamb is not for them!

The truth is that ANYONE can do this.

You don’t need to be cooking for a big family.

You don’t need a tonne of freezer space.

You don’t even need impressive kitchen skills! (Truly!)

What are the benefits?

Bulk-buying (e.g. taking part in a cow-share arrangement or buying half a lamb etc) is the easiest way to access nourishing, nutrient dense meat on a budget. Even if it only makes up a portion of your spend - you will save a LOT.

It’s a great way to support farming families, and in times of food shortages (coming right up!), it’s a way to ensure a steady supply by going direct to the source and forming relationships.

For those of us already eating this way before the pandemic – nothing was affected.. shopping and eating proceeded with zero changes. Watching people around us panic as stock dwindled in the supermarket made me thankful this was already our norm.

However the BEST part (for me at least) is not having to think about meat shopping for many weeks at a time! It frees up my time and headspace for more important things.

What will you get, inside?


  • My favourite places to buy meat in the Greater Sydney region
  • Ideas on how to locate the best local farmer and which questions to ask to assure quality
  • Tips for teaming up with people to make the process easier (storage, delivery, starting your own mini-co-op etc)
  • A discussion around chest freezers and how much space you’ll need (note: they're a godsend but you DON'T need one to shop this way!)
  • My guide to storing and defrosting the meat: how I plan and organise my month in terms of which cuts I cook and when
  • Chats around the more obscure benefits of eating quality meat
  • Coaching and ideas around how to cook all the different cuts
  • Group mentoring and Q&A

And so, so much more (because I get excited about this topic)!

This is such an empowering and rewarding lifestyle shift, but it’s a big leap into the unknown if you've never done it before.

The good thing is that once you start shopping this way, you'll save so much on your food bill that this membership will easily pay for itself in a couple of months! So, if you’ve thought about bulk-buying before and have resisted it for ANY reason - jump in and join our little community of families.

This is a one-off membership experience (prompted by friends and family who are ready to take the plunge and needed my coaching)! I may not offer anything like this again, so if you need inspiration or guidance in this area - join us! 

What it looks like:


  • Closed Facebook Group with regular short videos from me (5-10 minutes each so you can easily slot them into daily life)
  • Detailed instructions and hand-holding around order time (which we'll do as a group), including which cuts I prefer to order and why
  • One unpack video where I talk you through all the cuts and how to use them
  • Group Q&A and lots of idea-swapping and encouragement from everyone else  :)

2 Monthly Payments

of $45


If you have any questions, please email [email protected]