Enjoy deep relaxation as you blissfully biohack your way to better health

Wyoming retreat is a nourishing haven for mind and body. Think day spa meets biohacking lab. An opportunity to unwind and achieve DEEP rest and rejuvenation while your cells recharge.

Whether you're visiting for improved energy, mood, skin health or sleep, for pain reduction or weight loss - you have the opportunity to unwind and thoroughly reset your nervous system.

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Current offerings:

  • Full spectrum infra-red sauna (near, mid & far IR)
  • Full body triple light therapy (red, blue and near IR)
  • Light therapy facial mask
  • Low intensity full-body PEMF therapy
  • Hypervibe (for pre-sauna lymphatic stimulation)
  • Ice bath coming soon

Retreat sessions

All sessions are booked for a flat rate of 2 hours and you can spend as little or as much time as you like within that window. You have complete freedom with the devices and can intuitively spend the time where you need it most.

Enjoy some solitude for deeper relaxation or book with a friend as you connect and recharge together.

Each session begins...

with a cup of therapeutic organic herbal tea and a relaxing 20 minutes each of triple light therapy and full body PEMF therapy, as you bathe in tranquil music and aromatherapy.

This is followed by an invigorating Hypervibe experience and full spectrum infra-red sauna session, then you'll rinse and rehydrate with a shower and herb-infused electrolyte shot.

All up, the experience takes 2 hours and you will float home in a profound state of calm.

Easter special now on!

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Pay it forward

Do you know someone who is experiencing financial hardship and is in dire need of some R&R in the form of a retreat session or perhaps a free pass to one of our circles or events?

We love this stuff.  :-)

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