Principles of Traditional Diets

Central Coast Montessori School


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This eye-opening talk will help you rediscover the forgotten blueprint for thriving children according to the ground-breaking research of Dr Weston A Price. He was a pioneering Dentist who studied the diets of traditional cultures all over the world, to determine what we should be eating for robust physical and mental health.
We’ll explore:
  • How traditional peoples were able to survive and thrive in perfect health without incidence of disease, generation after generation.
  • Why these people invariably had perfect facial structure, with high cheekbones, broad smiles and wide jaws with no crooked teeth or over-crowding.
  • Why they were virtually free from poor eyesight and tooth decay (despite never brushing their teeth).
  • The 11 dietary principles common to all traditional peoples regardless of whether they lived in the arctic or on the equator. (None of which are widely practiced today or recommended by our health experts!)
  • How their robust health diminished once Western foods were introduced and the dramatic health impacts on those children born to parents who'd adopted a more Westernised diet.
  • How to nourish rather than merely feed your child, by understanding which nutrients are missing from our modern diet and how to include them.


Seats are strictly limited (*only 2 tickets remaining), so book now to avoid disappointment!

Please note: this talk will be helpful for open-minded vegetarians, however in the interest of full transparency, isn't suitable for vegans.

This is a child-free event (newborns welcome). Apologies for any inconvenience.


When: 9:30am-12pm Sunday April 11th
Where: Central Coast Montessori, 2 Warrambool Rd, Wamberal.
Bring: notepad, pen & questions

Tickets are non-refundable, but transferable if you can no longer make it.

"I love the wealth of knowledge you’ve shared. It’s not just what you’ve read or learned in a course, but all of that and your own – sometimes painfully learned – personal experiences too."


"I think the main difference is that I feel relaxed around food. You’ve brought home the most important truths and I feel like they’re so ingrained now that I’m not second guessing myself. The way I eat has become a lot more intuitive and confident."


"Fantastic, just love it. Thank you so much Georgia for sharing what you’ve learnt. This is filling in all those missing pieces!"


"Georgia’s style of teaching is interactive, informative, fun and never boring!"


"You pay respect to traditional food wisdom and have helped me regain my faith in real food."

About Georgia

I'm a clinically trained Nutritionist, wholefoods chef and columnist with a knack for distilling the complex and often confusing field of nutrition into refreshingly simple, common sense ideas. 

I've also been a sleep guidance facilitator, assisting many hundreds of families in the areas of sleep, diet and behaviour.

Most importantly, I'm a busy Mum of two, so I understand the juggle and struggle that is (successfully) feeding young children nutrient dense foods! Rest assured, I'm always brimming with practical ideas and easy hacks to help you spend a little less time in the kitchen and more time..  well, ticking off all your other chores! 

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