About us

We’re passionate about empowering mothers with simple strategies to radically improve the health of their families by using food as medicine.

We do this by teaching clever ways to shop, prepare, cook and store food in a way that maximises its nourishing potential and deliciousness - without breaking the budget. It's the way our grandmothers used to cook and we're all about rekindling this forgotten wisdom.

However most of all, we love helping mothers with the skills, mindset and tools to find ease in the kitchen, so they can nurture their family with food, but not at the expense of actually spending time with them!

Georgia's Story

I'm a clinically trained nutritionist, wholefoods chef, columnist and mum. I've been featured in Body & Soul and had TV appearances on ABC Breakfast and Studio 10 for my unique approach to food and health. My passion is reinventing traditional foods for the modern kitchen and was instrumental in a radical new approach to sports nutrition with a program for the NRL Parramatta Eels, kickstarting their ascent on the ladder in recent years.

I hold an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine and am a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, based in New York City.

I’ve also worked with infants and children as a sleep guidance facilitator and ‘baby whisperer’. I’ve assisted hundreds of families over many years, teaching parents how to gently coax their babies and children into good sleep and eating habits.

Danielle's Story

I am a self-taught home cook. I love nothing more than reading a cookbook cover to cover, browsing a food market and eating a bowl of steaming noodles on a little plastic chair at the side of the road in Vietnam, Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, however, I was the fussiest eater there ever was. My repertoire was: plain rice or pasta and cucumber salad. That was literally it. Oh, I would also eat dumplings, but only the cooked wrapper. Homecooked dumplings!

Meanwhile, my Chinese Grandmother lived next door and would cook up amazing spreads, always upwards of 4 different dishes on the table at a time.

"Georgia is a wealth of knowledge and has a rare gift as an educator. She captivates her audience and sends them home, empowered."

-Sarah Hay

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