Refreshingly simple ways to use food as medicine

Why nose-to-tail nutrition?

I believe that if more people discover how to shop, cook and eat this way, collectively we can create a better food system. One which prioritises soil health, the welfare of farmers and their animals – and ultimately provides a more nutritious and delicious product for us all to enjoy! It’s time we joined the dots. Our food choices are powerful!


The Broth Bundle

A simple, everyday solution for busy folk with poor gut health or immunity, fatigue, anxiety - or kids with fussy eating habits. Suitable for beginners or seasoned broth-makers.

VIDEO 1:  How to make the PERFECT bone broth.
VIDEO 2:  10 ways to SUPERCHARGE your broth.
E-BOOK:  Broth: the high-nutrient solution.

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Upcoming Event - Sun 22nd November

This eye-opening talk will help you identify the important nutrients missing from our modern diet that are absolutely CRITICAL to normal, healthy development in children - as well as healthy fertility, preconception, during  postpartum and of course for all adults as well! We’ll explore the richest food sources of these nutrients, easy ways to include them in everyday life and lots more.


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Eating a nutrient dense diet does NOT have to be expensive or time-consuming! This is your guide to smart shopping and eating well - for less.

A step-by-step guide to uncovering hidden nutrients, learning clever tips for kitchen efficiency & waste-free cooking. Over 80 pages of beautiful photographs, inspiration & recipes.


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