From Scratch:
The Easy Way

Be first in line when the doors open!

There was once a woman who lived in a house..

She valued nourishing her family, until one day she drowned in a sea of pots and pans, without an inch of free bench space in sight.

When had it become an all-consuming, full-time job?

She had skills. She had ideas.. but something was missing.

The Easy Way

The Easy Way is a revolutionary new approach to cooking. A unique combination of powerful mindset shifts, kitchen strategies and ingenious hacks which offer you the freedom to ditch recipes, rules and meal planning - and drastically reduce your mental load and time spent in the kitchen.

It’s unlike anything you’ve been taught before.

The dilemma: we want to nourish our families by cooking from scratch, but we also want time to nourish ourselves outside the kitchen.

This is why we created The Easy Way - the framework that makes it possible to cook like our grandmothers did, while maintaining the freedom and space we crave.

From Scratch: The Easy Way

The only program that teaches you not only WHAT, WHY and HOW to cook in terms of nutrient dense, seasonal ingredients, but inspires you with a smorgasbord of creative and delicious ways to serve them.

It’s an innovative and truly unique method that will have you cooking from scratch without starting from scratch every time.

This experience will be DEEPLY transformative for you, if:

You KNOW that cooking from scratch for your family is the cornerstone of health, but you’d like to reduce the mental and physical load required.

You’d love to actually ENJOY cooking and have it fit easily and effortlessly around your busy life.

You’ve tried strategies to be more ‘organised’ in the kitchen, but rigid schedules, meal plans and bulk cooking haven't been sustainable.

Whether you’re:

  • A seasoned cook who genuinely loves cooking, but is feeling the time crunch of other responsibilities and yet too stubborn to lower your standard of nourishing meals (like Danielle!)

  • Someone who can capably get a nourishing dinner on the table, but generally wants to exit the kitchen as quickly as possible (like Georgia)

  • Or a beginner home-cook who realises the benefits of cooking from scratch, but already feeling overwhelmed (we've both been there and we've GOT YOU! This course is a direct shortcut to where you want to be.)


There IS an easier way.

We know this because it’s worked for us and everyone who’s adopted our framework.

We will give you the tools, inspiration and unparalleled support on your journey to completely transform the way you approach cooking (one tiny hack at a time).


Rachel Dee

The biggest change is that I cook less and assemble more. And I cook when I actually feel like it, not because there’s a looming mealtime deadline! That’s been such a game-changer for me - I feel like kitchen time is on my terms, now. I’m more organised and there’s less pressure. And I don’t dread the process of cooking because I’m clearer on what needs to be done.

Jenar Morris

Danielle and Georgia blow my mind with their enthusiasm and knowledge of how to cook amazing and healthy food.

I feel like they hold my hand, with their easy to follow videos and recipes and whisper in my ear that I can do it! And I can!

I'm so grateful.

Gemma Bateman

I loved all the delicious recipe ideas and clever shortcuts that I’ve been able to integrate. And that nothing was complicated. All the recipes were really simple. There are some great family favourites in our repertoire now that I know we would never have tried if it hadn’t been for this course and the way so many of the recipes seamlessly fit together. It’s completely changed the way I plan my week.

Within this unique membership experience, you will:


  • Feel confident creating nourishing meals – without being a slave to recipes!
  • Discover how effortless meal prep can be with our streamlined processes
  • Drastically lighten your mental load by cooking more strategically in pockets of time
  • Enjoy the ease that a fridge filled with versatile meal building blocks can bring
  • Create a ‘supermarket freezer’ that you can dip into anytime for home-made convenience food
  • Be flexible around family food preferences without cooking multiple meals!
  • Quickly and confidently build meals at a moment’s notice (hint: your fridge and freezer will look after you if you look after them!)
  • Ditch overwhelm for freedom, genuine fulfillment and creative expression
  • Learn invaluable new kitchen skills – regardless of your current level or interest
  • Release the outdated notion that cooking needs to feel like a chore
  • Experience the peace that radical simplification can bring

What you'll get in the BASIC membership:

  • 8 modules focusing on one complete system each week, including:

Step-by-step guided videos with our super simple approach to preparing the main ‘building block’ ingredient or recipe formula

More videos riffing on the myriad of creative ways you can turn that building block into meals and easy snacks throughout the week

A stunning e-book jampacked with all the tutorials and mouth-watering recipe inspiration you’ll need to bring the system to life in your kitchen

  • 32 beautifully recorded videos
  • All our most efficient hacks around storage and supplies that have developed over many years
  • 2 weeks of deep diving into our Easy Way method with personalised, group coaching to identify your stumbling blocks in the kitchen and steps to overcome them.
  • Downloadable workbook for coaching sessions.