Ready for something more?

Your life will be the same one year from now if you don't make an intentional change.



A year-long accelerator that will completely transform your life and deepen your understanding of how to truly create vibrant health. 

This is a unique opportunity for rapid OSMOTIC EVOLUTION within a supersaturated container.

We will be disrupting:

Outdated paradigms, adopted groupthink, limiting beliefs, victim stories, assumed truths, taboo topics, inherited patterns and reductionist thinking - across a broad range of subject matter.

2024 is a year of intensive study for me and I will be pouring much of the cutting edge wisdom I learn into this exclusive portal.

As always, we’ll be covering a dazzling array of topics (unapologetic matrix thinker!), including, but certainly not limited to:

  • The emerging new paradigms in healthcare - and how to 'unlearn untruths' from the outdated ones (including mainstream functional medicine)

  • The symbiotic relationship between truth, personal power, real freedom and vibrant health - and the epic MAGNETISM you can develop on this journey, to help effortlessly recreate every aspect of your life!

  • How we can positively influence people around us (our children, family and community) and raise children who deeply understand the innate capacity of their bodies to heal and adapt, rendering them immune to fear mongering

And (soooo much) more.


This is for you, if you are:

  • Familiar with my work and love learning from me when my excitement is at its peak

  • Keen on the direction my content was heading throughout 2023 (I'm just getting warmed up)!

  • Genuinely ready to expand and take FULL responsibility for your life 

  • Not easily triggered by new ideas which run counter to your existing beliefs

  • Have the capacity to gently witness yourself and others as you process the feelings which invariably arise whenever we dissolve illusions we've unwittingly subscribed to

  • ALL IN for wherever this takes us (I never know in advance as we’re all co-creating this)!


And, you desire:

  • Rapid expansion and streamlined growth
  • Clarity on where to invest your energy where health is concerned
  • Connection, solidarity and energetic nourishment
  • Insightful reflections from other empowered women
  • A permanent state of vibrant health, visible radiance and a near effortless ability to create a life you LOVE

What the year will look like:

This is an opportunity to journey with me through ALL my online offerings this year. (This is worth the bulk of the investment alone!)

This includes all webinars, coaching groups and online programs - with new, updated versions being hosted in 2024.

Plus exclusive access to a parallel, more 'advanced' container, as we embark on this exciting group mentorship adventure.

And all the usual surprises. If you know me, you know that there are ALWAYS spontaneous extras whenever the impulse strikes.

Who this is for?

Women in business who know that vibrant health and radiance are ESSENTIAL for thriving, sustainable businesses in the modern age. I will be offering the exact rituals and practices which have revolutionised my business over the past 12 months AND my ability to generate quality content in less time, for a fraction of the effort.

Mothers who would love to create a thriving FAMILY CULTURE of health, without resistance, nagging or burnout. Women keen to bless their families and communities with the ripple effect that comes with BEING THE CHANGE and doing it for themselves, first.

Women who are dissatisfied with the 'slow and steady' approach and are ready to step in to a delicious new reality THIS YEAR. 

Sisters who KNOW the transformative power of an intentionally curated village of switched-on women.

Anyone who is tingling and ready for a wild, expansive adventure in UNCHARTERED territory.

You will not be disappointed. 

Love for my most recent group

(Spring Radiance)

IMMERSION includes:

A 1.5 hour LIVE group coaching call and passionate transmission on advanced level content, every month.

LIFETIME access to ALL 2024 online content!

This includes:

  • Castor Oil Culture (NEW)
  • Up Your Bum (NEW)
  • Sleep & Light Reset (NEW)
  • Immunity Community (*new version)
  • Bulletproof Kids (Evergreen)
  • Spring Radiance (*new version)
  • What To Eat (*new version)

Ongoing access to an exclusive parallel Facebook group to convene with other Immersion members.

If this is the year you're ready to:

  • Revolutionise your understanding of how the body truly works (the REAL cause of disease and the REAL keys to health), to provide a reliable antidote to any fear of symptoms, disease and pathogens.

  • Deeply CONTEMPLATE and intentionally DESIGN a lifestyle which feeds your soul and supports your biology to thrive

  • Stop juggling, forcing and hustling and learn new ways to create the abundance you desire - without the struggle.

  • Have richer, more blissful experiences by learning how pleasure, play and EROS can transform your health and relationship to life

Dive in with us and let’s wash away all that is no longer serving you, whether that's outdated health ideas, limiting beliefs - or symptoms you're ready to release, for good. 

As women, our energy and radiance determine the impact we can have in the world and how we FEEL, making it - whether your 'work' relates to children, business, caring for people or learning to love yourself. 

I’m so glad you’re here.

And I would LOVE to spend a year in circle with you.

There is such immense value coming to this space. Trust me, this is my best work yet and has been quietly brewing on the backburner since 2019!

Joining us?

2025 is a long way off and this is one of those SPECIAL time-sensitive opportunities... with this one you can't change your mind and jump in later!

There are limited spots and once they've gone - that's IT for this particular offering. As such, there is a 3 day cooling off period, giving you the opportunity to hold a place while you contemplate whether this is in alignment for you this year.

Take the plunge with us and see what unfolds.

When you click below, you'll receive your first video from me about what lies in store for this exciting journey.