Inspiring fresh new habits

Ready to refill your cup?

Spring is SUCH an important time of year to focus on restoring vitality and coaxing our bodies back into balance after Winter.

Whilst many of us have moved on from 'quick fix’ culture (for good reason!), we likely still have a desire to look good and feel GREAT, coming into the warmer months and beyond. 

This uplifting 3 week coaching group will get you there!

This membership will give you:


  • That necessary surge of energy and inspiration to help you recalibrate after Winter. It's time to refocus on YOU (and your beautiful temple!)

  • A crystal clear vision of how you want to FEEL in your body this Summer and what underlying desires might be bubbling beneath the surface.

  • All my FAVOURITE practices for this important time of year. Lots of them! Cleansing, lymphatic and hydration practices; skin and beauty rituals; nervous system and mindset practices. I'm deep in the zone already!

  • Tools to radically overhaul your daily habits with absolute EASE. I have cracked the code. We start with ONE minute per day in each area and create a masterful stacked ritual within that 60 seconds.

  • A guide to walking the line between being gentle with yourself (prioritising rest etc) without falling prey to disempowering stories which keep you trapped in a cycle of mediocre habits!

I'll be sharing:

  • My simple, inexpensive (and delicious) ways to 'structure' your water throughout the warmer months for next-level hydration (you know it works when fine lines disappear after several days)!  

  • My favourite new lymphatic circulation booster: an energising 30 second hack, which you can do anywhere. 

  • The brilliant new system our family has implemented for all our health-related tasks. It's been game-changing for my kids' motivation and focus. (And mine!)

  • My latest musings on fascia health, fasting, pleasure practices, laughter yoga, phone addiction, enemas, the importance of play and more.

  • How I cycle my favourite health habits to release myself from pressure of doing everything at once!

    And lots more.
Spring Radiance

3 week online coaching group

2 monthly payments of $65.00 AUD

Why a coaching group?

What I've learned is that intention-fuelled group energy is a tangible force for good.

We don't need more information - we need LESS input and more inspiration. Because integration is where the rubber hits the road.

Women need a village (because MIRROR NEURONS). When we intentionally commune, the ripple effect is powerful and transformative. The cup-filling is unparalleled!

And if there's one thing we need to consciously prioritise at this beautiful, POTENT time of year (setting the trajectory for how we want to feel through Summer), it's filling our own cups.

It's time to nourish OURSELVES so that we can pour back into our families and communities.

About me

I'm a culinary-trained nutritionist and wellness columnist and this is the first coaching container to merge all my greatest passions, which have also seen me working as a beauty therapist for celebrity clientele.

If I reduce my various lifelong obsessions (food, nutrition, biohacking, beauty therapy, nervous system health) down to a single overarching theme, it appears I've been on a quest to discover the easiest, most effective and accessible ways to look and feel good.

My unique expertise now revolves around the inextricable link between radiant HEALTH and radiant BEAUTY.

Ultimately, radiance refers to surplus ENERGY. My passion is inspiring you to cultivate your own, as you rekindle a lust for life which you may have lost touch with.

Meet our coaching team

These wise women will be offering a posy of hand-picked ideas from their own garden-of-genius. Precious gems of wisdom, distilled into useful medicine for us.

Fleur Myers

@Fleur Myers

'Skin Health Secrets'

For the first time EVER, I will be sharing my favourite skin and beauty practices, which have been refined over many years since my time in the industry.

This includes:

  • My daily / weekly / monthly habits and routines, including the exact products I use and where I source them.

  • Which 5 key nutrients (deficient in most people's diets) are essential in the delaying of wrinkles and ageing skin - and easy ways to ensure you're getting enough via food sources.

  • My favourite little rituals and hacks for improving facial structure, skin tone and circulation, including hilarious (but important!) myofascial exercises I do whenever I'm driving. These routines are 100% mum-friendly - I'll show you how I slot them into my day so that they don't feel like an extra chore.

  • The modern lifestyle habits which dehydrate our tissues and the MANY fun ways we can rehydrate at the cellular level (without drinking more water)! These lifestyle practices have become my central focus in maintaining all aspects of health (but especially skin!) as I get older.

What you'll get, inside:

  • A 3 week smorgasbord of uplifting, inspirational ideas and practical tools, delivered within a closed Facebook group.
  • Digestible content! All videos will be short and sweet (around the 5 minute mark), so they can be easily slotted in to your day.
  • Coaching and Q&A within our closed Facebook group (which you can access for 1 WHOLE YEAR)!
  • BONUS MODULE: 'Skin health secrets' videos and e-book.
  • Camaraderie, accountability and infectious enthusiasm from the group as we share our shifts and revelations along the way.

The time is now

This is a unique, one-off coaching group.

I'm in the mood and inspired to do this now, because it's a passionate focus in MY life. So.. we're doing it!

From my overflowing cup to yours.. come and drink up.


Spring Radiance

3 week online coaching group

2 monthly payments of $65.00 AUD