Immunity Community

Prepping our bodies (and homes) for robustness this Winter!

Our exciting new 5 week coaching group

Determined to have a different experience this year?

So many families suffered relentlessly with niggling coughs and poor health last year. It's not surprising when we consider the stress and upheaval of the past few years.

The good news is that there is SO much we can do to set the scene for robust immunity in Winter, however we must start early.

If you're determined to get ahead this year and set your family up for a peaceful and prosperous Winter, join our community and let's do it together!

We start April 4th. 

This 5-week experience will support you to:

  • Get organised, with pre-Winter checklists and supply tips. (Some of our favourite herbal remedies and supplements sold out last year!)
  • Stock your culinary medicine cabinets  (read: fridge and pantry), with extremely effective anti-microbial functional foods. What to buy / swap / forage and how to store it.
  • Get focused on what really matters, pre-Winter: building up our bodies' stores of immune-boosting nutrients, by including the most nutrient dense food groups, as often as possible. I'll give you all my latest tricks to have them gleefully devoured by your children and I'm SO excited to share my own BRILLIANT new strategy for adults in this vein!
  • Nurture your family's gut-health with ease. We're keeping it super simple: bite-sized checklists and my favourite time-saving systems. Gut-health can be straight-forward if you nail kitchen efficiency - my strong suit.
  • Ramp up your immunity-boosting lifestyle strategies before the weather messes with our motivation. And YES, folks, there will be passionate coaching around cold showers from me. Just ONE minute of cold each morning can change your life - and this is best time of year to start. Don't be scared.. I've got you!
  • Learn clever ways to prep your home AHEAD of Winter to support immune health - did you know our homes have their own microbiome? And that it's one of the most overlooked drivers of recurrent coughs and colds?!
  • Discover a simple change you can make in your home which will radically transform sleep quality and immunity for the whole family (including pets), within 1-2 days of implementing it.
  • Learn the critical importance of functional breathing and keeping the nasal passages clear. This should be a BIG focus for anyone with young children, but is important knowledge for everyone as it can drastically improve immunity and overall health.


Bundle & save

If you're thinking about doing Bulletproof Kids (BPK), why not join us for both this year?

BPK is a 3 week LIVE learning experience which starts at the end of Immunity Community and dives deeper into effective remedial strategies for when illness takes hold.

BPK Bundle

Immunity Community + BPK

4 monthly payments of $55.00 AUD

Why a coaching group?

The last time we ran Bulletproof Kids (which kicks off again in May), we all agreed that whilst the home remedies and empowering strategies for when illness strikes are invaluable... what's equally, if not MORE important, is the pre-Winter preparation. The priming of our bodies and homes before the colder months set in.

We wanted checklists, reminders, hand-holding and inspiration to tick things off EARLY.

Prevention takes effort but far less than remediation. And besides, when WE go down - it's impossible to think straight! It's SO much easier to nip things in the bud and prevent illness taking hold when we're well prepared.

The last few Winters have been marathons.. it's time to start training. And training is MUCH more fun as a group! 

Meet our coaching team..

These passionate experts will be contributing their TOP immune tips from their respective zones of genius. 

Dr Vijaya Molloy

Functional Dentist, host of Mind Body Mouth

Jodi Donovan

Building Biologist, All Aspects Building Biology

Rebecca Williams

Naturopath & Herbalist Holistic Traditions

Jane Jenkinson

Fermenting Goddess Wholefood Family

'Ferment your own medicine'

New to fermenting? Already schooled but lost your mojo? Need some new ideas?

I have a FABULOUS system for you. It's become so central to my kitchen routine that it's the only way I ferment these days. 

4 big jars rotating. Only 5 minutes to make, each fortnight! (No shredding, grating or mess.) If you're a beginner - this method is a cinch to learn.

It's easy, it's autopilot (no need for recipes), but when I feel like being creative - I can toss in some fancy ingredients and take it up a notch.

When we ferment fresh produce (especially functional foods like ginger, garlic, onion, turmeric and beetroot), we activate and increase the bioavailability of the anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial phytochemicals that work synergistically to support our immune system.

It's mouth-watering medicine - an easy lunchbox filler, which my kids devour daily. And the resulting 'pickle juice' is teeming with enzymes and electrolytes, which makes it a gut-loving digestive tonic AND the perfect hydrating tool for gastro recovery. Every home needs a system like this through Winter!

What you'll get, inside:

  • 5 weeks of inspiring ideas and practical tools from me and our guest experts.
  • Coaching and Q&A inside our closed Facebook group (ongoing access until December 2023).
  • 'Ferment your own medicine' workshop videos and e-book.
  • Short checklists to keep you focused on the most powerful strategies, to reduce your mental load.
  • Camaraderie, accountability and infectious enthusiasm for ticking off those little, nagging tasks which make a huge difference!

Bundle & save

If you're thinking about doing Bulletproof Kids (BPK), why not join us for both this year?

BPK Bundle

Immunity Community + BPK

4 monthly payments of $55.00 AUD