Through the lens of Astro-psychology

What would change...

if you came to understand your child on a deeper level? Their unique fears, preferences, needs and drivers? Imagine relating to your child in a new way by discovering a fresh perspective on what really makes them tick.

Consider that any relationship can transform when we deepen our understanding of another. In the parent-child relationship, exploring (and accepting) their uniqueness offers the key for us to become more effective guides.

The lens of Astro-psychology

This 2-hour talk will offer an introduction to the field of  astro-psychology (including how it differs from traditional astrology). We'll explore how this system can help you refine your parenting to better support your child, based on their inherent nature and tendencies.

This is a rare opportunity to get access to your child's chart and be guided through an overview of some of the key elements, to better understand how this lens can bring comfort and clarity to your parenting. 

We'll explore the personality and core values for your child as well as how they see the world in terms of goal setting and decision making. We'll also identify potential strengths and challenges and some little insights and practical recommendations to make life easier, more rewarding and harmonious for the whole family. 

This process will simplify your parenting, by revealing the most crucial aspects to consider for their health and happiness.

The beauty of this system is that the advice is often extremely simple, practical and achievable for parents. 


Meet Alfiya Nikolenko

Alfiya graduated university as an engineer, with first class honours. Since then, she has travelled the world, living in five countries (speaking five languages) and studying her passions intensively.

In 2015 she became a certified Yoga teacher at India's oldest institute and in 2019 was certified as an Astro psychologist at the Russian school of Astrology Volhvi.

She has interpreted more than 100 'soul formulas', specialising in the psychology of personality, professional orientation, family orientation and psychology of compatibility in work teams.

Her passion for this subject is contagious!

Event details

Please note: we expect this event to sell out, so please get your tickets early. This is the only talk for 2024.

Date: Sunday 30th June
Time: 10am-12pm 
Location: Wyoming Retreat (address provided upon registration)
Tickets: $25

Please EMAIL US to add your name to the waiting list. 

Order your chart

Alfiya has generously offered to create as many charts as you would like, for this one-off session. (This is normally only possible as part of her consultations, which start at $500!) 

It's a wonderful experience to have the charts of your family members in front of you as she goes through the planets with this lens. It is fascinating to observe similarities and differences between members of your family. 

Charts are $15 each, as part of this talk.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please email us.