Get the best nutritional bang-for-your-buck and stop wasting time, energy & veggies!

You bought a tonne of vegies - now what?

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Is this you?

You LOVE fresh fruits and vegetables and feel instantly healthier just having them in your kitchen.

Whether you have them delivered in a mixed box, or buy them from your local farmers market or fruit shop, you LOVE this day.

BUT..  it can also be overwhelming and energy intensive.

(Or maybe you WANT to start having mixed boxes of seasonal, local produce delivered, but don't know how you’ll cook it all – THIS IS FOR YOU!)

Here we all are..

Buying fresh produce every week and then throwing a whole lot of funky stuff in the bin or compost so we can fit our fresh stuff in.

Anyone else?

It’s a slightly depressing cycle and each week our mantra is the same:

"Next week I'll be more organised!"

Well, now you can say it and mean it!

We’re going to share our BEST systems and hacks to help you unpack your fresh goodies in a way that allows you to:

  • MAXIMISE the nutritional value of your produce (YES, there is an order in which to consume it)!
  • STOP throwing so much food away (an especially crappy job when vegies have turned slimy in your fridge)!
  • SAVE your precious energy by not double-handling
  • GET AHEAD with your meals by doing a few super simple things that save time and headspace.


We’ll show you step-by-step how we unpack our weekly veg box delivery, including:

  • Which vegetables we prep BEFORE they hit the fridge
  • Which ones we COOK straight away and why
  • Which produce must be eaten in the first few days (!)
  • Which vegetables can wait until the end of the week
  • How we use our freezers to make use of bulk seasonal produce (ALWAYS buy extra when it’s cheap)!


Don't miss out!

**Replay available until June 14th.**
Make wilted veggies a thing of the past. We have.. and you can too!