A workshop about the forgotten miracle

Learn the art of castor oil therapy

Heard about the countless benefits of 'castor oil packs' but not sure where to start?

Dipped your toe in but would like to broaden your knowledge and application of this practice?

Come along and enjoy a lively discussion and hands-on sensory experience as you learn everything you need to know about this humble (yet extraordinary!) home therapy.


**Third & final date announced!**

The first workshops booked out so quickly that many people missed out. I have added one more date weekend date - this will be the final workshop.

New date: 9am Sunday 7th January.

This workshop will:

  • Inform you about the impressive history of castor oil and the huge range of therapeutic, cosmetic and household applications

  • Provide an opportunity to sample different types of castor oil and learn about their unique applications

  • Allow you to experiment with and try on various types of packs to see which style you prefer

  • Give you access to a range of fabrics, oils, packs and handy accessories to remove every hurdle to actually getting started with this therapy!

I will be:

  • Highlighting why this easy, inexpensive home therapy is one of the most valuable tools in your repertoire for keeping your whole family healthy

  • Sharing the ways I have used packs at home for 25 years (and in clinical practice for 14 years), with great success - particularly in the areas of female reproductive and hormonal health, mental and nervous system health, pain, immunity, disturbed sleep and skin disorders

  • Demonstrating the different ways to make castor oil packs at home (from the more economical DIY versions to the convenient pre-made packs) and where to place them on the body for specific purposes

  • Giving you all my lived experience in what NOT to do, including contraindications and how to determine correct treatment pace, plus all my favourite shortcuts to make this practice doable in every day life - without the mess that can often make it fall by the wayside!

Castor Oil Culture SUN 7th

$65.00 AUD

Workshop format

This is a hands-on, face to face workshop experience where you'll have plenty of time to try on a range of packs and experiment with different combinations.

There will be a comprehensive range of oils, fabrics, packs and accessories available to purchase on the night and delicious refreshments will be provided.

Event details


When: 9am-11:30pm Sunday 7th January
Where: Wyoming Retreat (address provided after booking)
Cost: $65

If you have questions, please email me.

About me

I'm a culinary-trained nutritionist and wellness columnist and I have been focused on empowering home strategies for most of my career, based on the premise that our daily habits are where the rubber hits the road in the cultivation of vibrant health.

If I reduce my various lifelong obsessions (food, nutrition, biohacking, natural beauty therapy, nervous system health) down to a single overarching theme, it appears I've been on a quest to discover the easiest, most effective and accessible ways to look and feel good.

My unique expertise now revolves around the inextricable link between radiant HEALTH and radiant BEAUTY.

Ultimately, radiance refers to surplus ENERGY. My passion is empowering you to cultivate your own, as you rekindle a lust for life which you may have lost touch with.

Castor Oil Culture SUN 7th

$65.00 AUD