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The Butcher, Farmer & Chef.


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This eye-opening series views food through the lens of the butcher, the farmer and the chef, to help you make empowered food choices and reshape the food system with your shopping basket.

The Broth Bundle

A simple, everyday solution for busy folk with poor gut health or immunity, fatigue, anxiety - or kids with fussy eating habits. Suitable for beginners or seasoned broth-makers.

VIDEO 1:  How to make the PERFECT bone broth.
VIDEO 2:  10 ways to SUPERCHARGE your broth.
E-BOOK:  Broth: the high-nutrient solution.

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4 Meals from 1 Bird

Your guide to deciphering labels, learning how to source quality poultry and delicious ideas to make it go further!

  • 9 delicious recipes with creative meal plans
  • Tips on choosing the best poultry
  • Questions to ask your butcher &  farmer