Re-write your kitchen stories

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Cooking doesn't have to feel like a chore!

In fact, with the support of a group of women who are ready to ditch their self-imposed stories, you can rewrite that boring mind chatter that keeps you feeling like a kitchen slave and liberate yourself into a state of freedom and ease.

Ready to enjoy cooking again?


Nobody told you..

..that feeding everyone, all the time was part of your job description as ‘Mum’. But now it’s too late to back out!

We hear you.

What if we told you that with a bit of time, conscious examining and some amazingly clever hacks, you can really OWN and LOVE that part of your job.

Don’t believe us? Fair enough. You don’t know us and maybe you’re OK with hating that part of your job.

But if you'd like even a little break from disliking cooking, why not join us as we examine the subconscious stories we tell ourselves and question if we really want to keep believing them!

It’s worth a try, right?

Give us 5 days

And we promise, you'll come out feeling different about your time in the kitchen. We have reclaimed our own kitchen freedom and would be honoured to help you do the same.

Our mission is to help mothers find joy, ease and purpose in cooking again. Not in a ‘taking feminism back 3 decades’ kind of way, but in a fully empowered way!

And that’s why we are offering you this 5-Day workshop for FREE.


Re-write your kitchen stories

Because hey, you’re cooking anyway, so you may as well enjoy it.

Together we'll flip your beliefs

So you can feel liberated in the kitchen

I don’t have time to cook      >>

My budget is too tight      >>

Dinner needs to be elaborate / I don’t have energy      >>

I don’t have the headspace to try new dishes      >>

There’s pressure to always cook new & interesting things     >>

I don’t cook well      >>

Dinner must be nutritionally balanced    >>


Cooking can be quick

Cooking healthy food is totally affordable!

I have lots of simple meal ideas that we all love

I love creating new things

It’s totally ok to cook the same thing over and over again

I’m a great cook and love my food!

Dinner doesn’t always have to be nutritious



Join us

And turn down that mind chatter that holds you back from feeling free and light in the kitchen.

Re-write your kitchen stories!