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One-on-one sessions are back!

My books are open again

After a bit of a hiatus (second babies, eh?) and many enquiries, I'm finally back in practice. For more information or to book, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


What I offer

I've drastically refined my scope of practice this year, to fit within my window of expertise and what I'm most passionate about.

Namely, teaching refreshingly simple ways to use food as medicine. Distilling my many years of passionate investigation into easy, actionable ideas.

The food and nutrition space can be overwhelming, with so many conflicting theories - I will lighten your load by simplifying.

I'll meet you wherever you're at. I know firsthand that baby steps bring permanent, long-lasting change. (And it's only effort, until it's routine!)

My unique expertise

You can find my professional bio here, but my experience extends far beyond what's captured there. I grew up in a household where my mum was recovering from a near death experience and trying to overhaul her health. As a family we were dragged through diet after diet, protocol after protocol - I grew up feeling quite certain that the purpose of life was merely to find the 'perfect' diet. 

I spent my teens, twenties and early thirties on the same trajectory. I studied and experimented with every single dietary theory in a rather dogmatic fashion: The Zone, Blood Type Diet, Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Anti-Candida, Paleo, GAPS, Vegetarian, Raw Vegan (was a raw vegan chef at one point), Ray Peat, Weston Price and too many others to mention. So when it comes to what to eat, I have some real lived experience under my belt.

Food and nutrition have been lifelong passions, however my recent years investigating the agricultural connection has provided the missing piece of the puzzle. I now firmly believe that where we source our food might be the single biggest determining factor of how nourished we are. It's become central to everything I teach.

Who do I help?

  • Busy, health-conscious mums who want to reduce their mental load and have me streamline the process of determining the quickest, easiest and most delicious ways of nourishing their families (AND themselves). This includes how and where to shop, what to source and of course, how to prepare and cook it to maximise its nutritional value.

  • Beginner cooks or people who would like more freedom and confidence in the kitchen, especially preparing traditional foods (bone broth, organ meats, fermented foods etc).

  • Vegans and vegetarians who are wanting to transition back to a more omnivorous diet - or be educated around which nutrients may missing or poorly absorbed from their diet.

  • Anyone wanting to eat an exceptionally nutrient dense diet on a shoestring budget. Totally possible, by the way!

  • Parents and parents-to-be who are looking to optimise nutrition in the preconception, prenatal & post-partum periods and further down the track needing advice around first foods and baby-led-weaning.

  • Anyone who needs hand-holding around the often daunting process of stepping outside the supermarket aisles and shopping more locally for superior quality produce, including understanding labels and questions to ask your farmer.

  • Students or fledgling business owners in the nutrition/health space who'd like mentoring or advice.


What I no longer offer

Diagnosis and testing, supplement administration or specific advice for complex cases. I work closely with other practitioners and regularly refer to them if the need arises.

My area is food, nutrition and lifestyle practices. Get your specific requirements mapped out and then come back to me for help with how to make it work, day-to-day.


What my sessions looks like

I've adapted my practice to fit my clients' needs. Most come with long lists of questions, so I'm now offering convenient shorter sessions that can service this desire to simply pick my brain within my range of expertise.

Hourly rate: $150
Half hour: $80
15 minute: $45

Q&A requests: you have the option of pre-filling out a questionnaire prior to the session, so that you get more bang for your buck on our call. I can provide A LOT of information in the space of 15 minutes if I receive your questions in advance. This option also allows me to pull together any resources and additional suggestions for our call.


Keen to have a chat?

Book a free 15 minute discovery session to see if we're a good fit.