Chilled Beetroot Soup w/ Crème Fraiche

I don't know why I'm met with such resistance around this one.

As someone who is famous for pushing all sorts of commonly unappetising but exceptionally nutrient dense foods, (organ meats, fish heads.. pigs heads!) - I feel a bit incredulous when people turn their noses up at THIS recipe.

Danielle did.

Thankfully she had to eat her words. Or, thoughts - because she didn't actually SAY anything out loud, but I could feel her slight skepticism when I decided to add this recipe into our already HUMONGOUS (and very stunning) e-book that accompanies our 'From Scratch: The Easy Way' membership.

This soup is jam-packed with garlic, leek, chicken stock and once the crème fraiche is added it is the most intense savoury HEAVEN you can imagine! The beets are just a delicate compliment in terms of flavour, but effortlessly steal the show, visually.

It's SO simple and quick to make with pre-cooked beets - which is the way we've both come to BE in the kitchen: PREPPED and ready to whip up a...

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