How to make the perfect Summer salad

salads seasonal eating Feb 02, 2022

This week we’re honing in on the vital elements required to create the perfect salad, to help guide you to mastery with this exceptionally underrated life skill.

The difference between a good and cracking Summer salad is nominal in terms of the time and effort required, yet when it comes to indulging – they’re worlds apart.

Mastering the art is pretty straight-forward, even for non-cooks. All it requires is some know-how around contrasting and balancing flavours, colours and textures – and grasping the critical importance of using fresh ingredients. 

In Summer, salad can be so much more than an assortment of greens (not that there’s anything wrong with a peppery green side and zingy vinaigrette)! At this time of year, salads can hold their own as hearty standalone meals.


It doesn’t need to be complicated

Oftentimes, simplicity trumps complexity. Pairing a perfectly ripe fruit with a soft cheese and something for crunch is enough to...

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Summer days call for Summer salads

salads seasonal eating Jan 21, 2022

I hope you enjoyed a relaxing break and that any run-in with Covid you might have had, was mild and manageable.

Thankfully, mine was rather anti-climactic (isolating with young, energetic children proved the hardest part) and it was significantly less debilitating than regular man-flu, for my partner.

It’s good to be out the other side, with some additional antibodies to boot!

At this time of year, when the weather beckons us outside in favour of dwelling in the kitchen for too long, summer salads are an easy ticket outdoors.

A few sexy ingredients tossed together can make a delicious side dish or even a substantial main in mere minutes – not a small win, when you’re dreading the extra heat from your stove or oven!

Perhaps most importantly, they’re a fabulous way to celebrate the best of Summer produce. There is minimal skill required to enhance a perfectly ripe, freshly picked Summer fruit. With the abundance of great produce, anyone can be a masterful cook...

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