Central Coast farmers markets: your guide to shopping supermarket-free

If you’ve never ventured outside of the supermarket for your food on a regular basis, it can be quite a daunting transition at the outset, especially if you don’t know what the alternatives are. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing the myriad of benefits that come with purchasing the bulk of your food in season from local producers and this week we’re focusing on how to change up your shopping habits.

If you’re reading this as a Central Coast resident, rest assured that this transition might be easier than you’d think. You may not have even been aware of the fact that we are living in a food bowl! Unbeknownst to many locals, we’re surrounded by passionate small-scale farmers in the fertile coast hinterland who are producing some of the best quality produce and animal products right at our doorstep.

Here are some of the options available as you start to think outside the supermarket aisles.

Central Coast farmers markets

A great way to discover your local producers and growers as well as learning about what’s currently in season, is by attending a few of the different farmers markets in your area and we have some great options here on the coast!

‘REKO rings’ are a fresh take on traditional farmers markets and were originally developed in Finland. We now have one of our own, operating here on the Central Coast. You’re able to order from and converse with various local farmers via a closed Facebook group and pick up at a single location. 

• REKO ring, (alternate Thursdays, Tuggerah and Erina)

• Gosford City Farmers Market (Sun 8am-1pm)

• Avoca Beach Farmers Market, Like Minds Café (Wed 4pm-5:30pm)

• Avoca Beachside Market, every 4th Sunday (9am-2pm)

• The Entrance Markets (Sat 9am-2pm)

• Toukley Sunday Market (Sun 7am-1pm)


Order online

Shopping online, either direct with a farmer or via a supplier is one of the most convenient ways to support local without having to overthink it. Once again, we’re spoilt for choice in this domain with so many of our Central Coast farmers now offering this option.

Farm gate / food clubs

Here’s a list of all the small-scale farmers who are currently offering their produce at roadside stalls or at the farm gate. Many of these families also offer regular farm tours so be sure to follow their social channels for details throughout the year.

Other farms, supplying markets only:


Co-ops are a fantastic way to save money on fresh produce and dry goods. The most established ones here on the coast both offer organic food at wholesale prices.

  • FIG (Food Integrity Group), Ourimbah
  • PEG (Peninsula Environment Group), Woy Woy

Retail, beverages and more

Well, I’m hoping this list inspires you to break up with your supermarket or at the very least, to try something different and discover the sheer joy that comes with supporting local and helping to co-create a thriving local food system.


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