Orgasmic birth: the ultimate perk of homebirth

home birth orgasmic birth May 13, 2021

Following on from last week's piece on the safety of homebirth and the primary advantages of birthing at home such as lowered intervention and risk of complications, this week I’m elaborating on some of the lesser known benefits of homebirth. There’s a much greater chance of having not only a positive birth experience at home, but one that is profoundly pleasurable – even orgasmic!

Stay with me, we’ll get to that part shortly.

The significant impact of care providers

According to surveys conducted in homebirth forums of women who have experienced birthing in both a hospital and home setting, there is an overwhelming consensus that homebirth is a more enjoyable experience – not just for the birthing woman but for her partner and other family members as well, who are generally fully included in every step of the process, if they so choose.

Women routinely report that they feel more respected and empowered, as homebirth offers a more woman-centred...

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