New new year’s resolutions

*This piece is taken from my column over at CCNews.

Something occurred to me as I sat down to write what is to be my final column for 2021.

By sheer coincidence, after an impromptu holiday decision, I’m writing this from the exact location I happened to pen the very first instalment for the year.

I’m coming to you live from Moree hot springs, folks. And it’s feeling spectacularly indulgent after the year we’ve just endured.

Funnily enough, my intention was to loosely circle back to that first topic as well. It had been a piece on the importance of feeling good, as a worthwhile health practice in its own right.

I’d wanted to remind myself (and naturally, you’re coming along for the ride) not to overlook the seemingly inconsequential stuff that has the potential to impact our wellbeing.

Afterall, we know the big ones. Sleep, diet, exercise and so forth.

If we nail those – we’re most of the way there, from a health perspective.


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Beetroot: the humble mood booster

We’re midway through a six-part guide to feeling good. Thus far, we’ve explored the importance of breathing, sleep, rest, pleasure, human connection and the nutritionist in me feels compelled to indulge in a couple of posts about food and mood.

Researchers now believe that many mood disorders, including depression, are not just brain disorders, but whole-body disorders, with chronic, low-grade systemic inflammation as a major risk factor.

Chronic inflammation arises as a result of many of the environmental stressors that we’ve talked about, such as poor diet and sleep, sedentary lifestyle, stress, negative thinking habits – all the usual culprits that you probably already know are important to address.

All of these factors influence our gut bacteria, which are critical to virtually every aspect of health including our brain function and mental health.

Beetroot to the rescue

The humble beetroot is a vegetable that in my experience is sorely overlooked by many...

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A guide to feeling good

Why your nervous system is key 

Greetings Coasties. I do hope you’ve enjoyed a relaxing break at some point over Summer. Granted our suntans may not be on par with previous years, but it does seem that many folks, restricted in their movements and unable to indulge in regular holiday festivities, enjoyed a simpler and perhaps more mindful break this year.

These unusual times have me contemplating how deeply intertwined our health, happiness and mindset, really are. It’s more apparent than ever that our external circumstances are often entirely outside of our control. However, our physical health, along with our mood, outlook and state of mind, are predominantly an inside job. And there are ways we can continue to feel good – great, even – despite what’s happening around us.

Although my teachings generally centre around food and nutrition, one thing I’m constantly harping on about is that when it comes to health, food is only one small piece...

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