Healthy Tiramisu: Wholefood bliss!

healthy sweets Jan 24, 2018

I’m sad to have finished the recipe testing for this one. Granted, it may have triggered a temporary relapse into coffee addiction. (After 15 years of virtual abstinence!) But we had such a nice little routine going in our house for several weeks there. Breakfast, a bit of work around the farm, then a mid-morning slice of healthy tiramisu. It was nourishing on many levels. Self-care for the soul. And I started to cherish and keenly anticipate the ritual. (Might have been the addiction talking.)

I finally worked out why this recipe is such a revelation.. it’s kind of show-stopping (you’ll see)! One idea that we explore in depth in my program, is that nutrient dense foods are actually the most flavourful. And that our taste buds are in fact, engineered to discern and savour nutritional complexity – at least, once we return to our intended diet of real food. Fresh veggies, from mineral-rich soils are worlds apart from the supermarket stuff, for example. Even...

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Bone Broth Pops: Strawberry, Vanilla & Fingerlime

Ok, so I’ve been banging on about bone broth a lot lately (sorry). It’s just that I’ve been sitting on quite a few broth-based recipes from our What To Eat e-books and have been waiting for the warmer months to spring some of them on you (no pun intended)!

Did you catch last Summer’s hottest new trend? Bone broth popsicles. Yep – brothsicles! Aussies, it’s established terminology, so we’ll have to go along with the Americans on this one. ‘Broth block’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, anyway..

Recently, a New York City eatery made headlines with its fruit-flavoured brothsicles. According to the makers, they don’t taste meaty at all. (They claim that the bone broth flavour is ‘totally overwhelmed’ by the fruit and coconut milk they use). Lots of people love them, but clearly not everyone. A randomly selected child from the audience of one live television program described them as...

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